Do you feel stuck and unsure about what you want in life?

Do you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts?

Do you find yourself struggling to appreciate what’s around you?

Do you struggle to find balance in your life?

If so, I'm really glad you're here. I used to struggle with all of the above plus many more but I have worked my way through and now I would love to help you too. I have created a powerful process from my studies, self-discoveries and personal experience that will guide you towards living a more fulfilling and balanced life.


Yoga Wellness Coaching is a holistically approached method of 1-1 coaching, focused on creating balance in the physical, mental, emotional and energetic body. Yoga Wellness Coaching incorporates yoga practices, yoga philosophy and modern coaching techniques along with effective personal-experience-based advice and knowledge. It includes individualised practices, activities, goal setting, actionable steps and a space to speak freely and be heard. Taking individuals on an inner journey to tap into who they truly are and what they truly want, which in turn will allow them to show up fully and authentically to create their ideal life.

Together we will explore and discuss the following:

- Rest & Sleep

- Relationships, Friends, Family & Community

- Knowledge & Wisdom

- Self Relationship & Emotions 

- Work & Business

- Spirituality & Sense of Purpose

- Money & Finances

- Health, Exercise & Physical Wellbeing

- Creativity & Play

- Diet & Nutrition



  • Develop a deeper connection with yourself
  • Discover who you really are
  • Learn to trust and live by your inner self
  • Get crystal clear on what you really want and work towards making it your reality
  • Find useful ways to work through obstacles and challenges
  • Re-assess the important areas of your life
  • Gain clarity in your mind, getting rid of unuseful thought patterns
  • Learn how to fill up on yourself


  • Provide a supportive and judgement free space
  • Listen with presence and acceptance
  • Hold you accountable throughout the process
  • Share my personal experience and findings when necessary
  • Create personalised practices, tailored to your needs
  • Support your larger vision and potential
  • Lovingly meet you where you are at


  • 6 x 50-60 minute 1:1 sessions - in person (Lilyfield) or via Skype. 
  • Your own private databank to access all session notes and files.
  • Email support between sessions for any questions or extra support.
  • Personalised breathing, physical and meditation practices to support your journey.
  • Weekly homework tasks/actionable steps to help move you towards your vision.


$90 per session


$500 for 6 sessions ($83 p/s)

If this sounds like the perfect fit, you would like to know a little more or have any questions, please contact me here. Alternatively you can schedule your free initial consultation below.