H i ,  I ' m  L i l y 

And I created Inner You Yoga as a way to inspire, encourage and guide individuals towards showing up authentically, loving themselves and living a fulfilling life.

I have spent the last 23 years experiencing and growing into the woman I am today. With all of the good, bad, challenging, easeful, loving and hateful times. From a very young age I experienced a deep ridden fear of life, this presented itself as anxiety and controlled the majority of my life for some time. To follow was depression which began to surface in my teenage years where the self-worth, addiction, self-harm, hopelessness and self-sabotage issues came into place. To say the least this was a very challenging stage of my life. I spent a lot of time feeling alone and different, struggling to figure out who I really was and therefore thought I didn’t have a place in this world.

It wasn’t until my first yoga class where things began to change. For the first time my mind was a little quieter, my body was a little less uncomfortable and I felt this overall sense of ease, like the little things didn’t matter as much anymore. I fell completely in love with the practice and devoted much of my time to experiencing more, growing within and learning what sparked this change in my body, mind and life. 

Seven years later, with many books read, countless yoga classes practiced, hundreds of yoga classes taught, over 500 hours of teacher training attended, an abundance of self-work, discoveries and the completion of an holistic health coaching and yoga life coaching course, here I am. In a place where I can show up as authentically me no matter how challenging it gets. To be honest with myself and those around me. To be vulnerable in both my life and business, sharing my real experiences, failures, mistakes and all of the rest, no matter what comes back. To always be present with myself and simultaneously with others, listening to myself and what I truly need and in turn genuinely listening to others. And most importantly being compassionate, kind, loving and understanding towards myself when things don’t go as planned and to do the same for others, meeting them where they are at, with nothing but love and understanding.

My studies have created such a powerful foundation for me to work from. By learning the workings of the mind, a deeper understanding of the body and the energy system within, the science of meditation, nourishing foods and nutrition, how to approach life holistically, coaching individuals effectively and teaching yoga, I have developed a way of guiding individuals to deepen their connection to self. 

My experiences, studies, discoveries and work that has led me up to this point in life have allowed me to create a powerful and real service that I truly believe can change and transform the lives of others.

You can find out a little more about what I do here, otherwise feel free to contact me with any questions about how I may be able to help or assist you here. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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Yoga Life Coach Teacher Training 500RYT - Yoga Coach

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Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 200RYT - Krishna Village

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Health Coaching Course - Institute for Integrative Nutrition

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Yoga Teacher Training 200RYT - Yoga Coach